Reader Reviews - Plague War: Outbreak

"This is The Walking Dead on steroids. The storyline is solidly packed with full on zombie action. Plenty of suspense, drama and an unlikely band of people made me quickly read and turn page after page hoping that the characters that I had come to admire and grow to love would survive the ongoing onslaught of the undead. All I can say is what a read. Absolutely loved it!!!"

FeeMac - Amazon book review

"If you pick up Plague War: Outbreak you'd better get comfortable because you won't put it down. From the hospital outbreak beginning to the brutal finale, Hodge takes you on a wild ride for survival against an unstoppable zombie horde. Follow the cast of everyday heroes as they try to comprehend their world torn apart by a new undead menace.
Plague War Outbreak delivers so much unforgettable carnage you will wonder if humanity can survive for a sequel! Bring it on..."

"I loved this book, it was very gruesome and obviously written by someone who knows all the gritty details of anatomy and how Australia would cope in a zombie apocalypse. For the first time in my life I don’t feel smug living in Australia!!"

YukiGirl 1974- Amazon book review

Nick - Amazon book review

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