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In an Emergency Department, Doctor Harry fails to resuscitate a young woman suffering from an infected bite wound. While her body awaits transfer to the morgue, Harry is stunned to witness the corpse lurch off the bed and attack his staff. It’s not an isolated incident. Lysan Plague has crossed the species divide from bat to human and mutated with devastating effect. Burning across the country in a tide of bloody violence, it overwhelms an unprepared police force and government. Bite victims re-animate as plague ‘Carriers’, creatures lost to conscious thought, consumed by rage and an urge to feed on the non-infected.

No-one is safe in the apocalypse, and only those who are willing to fight will survive. Harry forms an alliance with several other survivors, but will it be enough for them to hold out until the Army regroups to fight back?

Plague War: Outbreak

plague war pandemic cover.jpg

Hope is battered, but not lost.

After jumping the species divide from bat to human, Lysan Plague has torn across mainland Australia in an orgy of bloody violence, decimating the population and smashing an unprepared army onto the back foot. 

Off the coast of Victoria, a mission to capture Queenscliff Fort and regain a military foothold on the mainland is about to launch. Mark is a soldier in the first landing party.

Erin awaits evacuation from King Island to Tasmania, however, her safety is far from assured. While storm winds drive a plague-riddled ship in their direction, a sadistic guard begins to target women within the camp.

The time for retreat is over. Neither Mark or Erin will back down from the coming fight, but when faced with monsters, both human and undead, will determination be enough for them to survive?

Plague War 2: Pandemic

Plague War 3 cover.jpg

The Australian Army has won its first victory, but the gore-spattered streets of Melbourne await. Buried under a mega-swarm, Lysan Plague has transformed the state capital into a slaughter house of epic proportions.


Meanwhile, famine threatens, and more troops are needed before the final assault. When Mark’s platoon is sent to a rural town to re-establish food production and conscript soldiers, they face violent opposition from an outlaw motorcycle club, ‘The Spartans’.


Across the water, Tasmania is in the grip of a terror campaign led by the Patriot’s Party who aim to sever ties with the mainland.


With supply lines and troop numbers secured, the Army prepares to attack the Melbourne swarm. But with a traitor in their midst, will this epic battle see the armed forces obliterated in an orgy of violence?

Plague War 3: Retaliation

IMG_4824 cover escape from viperob.jpg

The oceans have been overrun by prehistoric beasts armed with huge pincers and a scorpion tail, they emerge from the water at night to hunt, slaughtering anything in their path.

War is imminent.

On an island facility, an employee of the corrupt Viperob Corporation discovers a plan to hand control of military drones to a foreign enemy. To prevent invasion, Ethan must escape the island fortress.

It will not be easy.

Pursued by the psychopathic Lieutenant Harris, he must elude a private security force, find a way to the mainland, and fight his way past blood-thirsty monsters from the deep.

Ethan must Escape from Viperob Island!

Escape from Viperob Island

the cavern book cover.jpg

When a sink hole opens up near the Australian outback town of Pintalba, it uncovers a pristine cave system. Sam joins an expedition to explore the subterranean passages as paramedic support, hoping to remain unneeded at base camp. But, when one of the cavers is injured, he must overcome paralysing claustrophobia to dive pitch-black waters and squeeze through the bowels of the earth. 

Soon he will find there are fates worse than being buried alive, for in the abandoned mines and caves beneath Pintalba, there are ravenous teeth in the dark. 
As a savage predator targets the group with hideous ferocity, Sam and his friends must fight for their lives if they are ever to see the sun again. 

"The Cavern is a tense and compelling descent into subterranean horror, with characters you will care about in a setting unlike most fiction these days. I've never been a fan of caving, but having read this book, I'm staying above ground in the sunlight forever." - Alan Baxter, author of DEVOURING DARK and the ALEX CAINE SERIES

The Cavern

luzifer verlag cover the cavern.jpg

Ein Erdrutsch im australischen Outback fördert Unglaubliches zutage – ein uraltes, unversehrt gebliebenes Höhlensystem. Um die unterirdischen Gänge zu erkunden, wird ein Forscherteam zusammengestellt, dem sich auch der an Klaustrophobie leidende Sam anschließt – in der Hoffnung, als Sanitäter das Basislager nicht verlassen zu müssen. Es dauert jedoch nicht lange, bis einer der Forscher verletzt wird und Sam in die pechschwarzen Tiefen hinabtauchen muss.

Dort, in den dunklen Eingeweiden der Erde, muss sich Sam aber nicht nur seinen inneren Ängsten, sondern auch einer sehr realen Gefahr stellen. Ein brutales und unerbittliches Raubtier macht Jagd auf die Abenteurer und es beginnt ein verzweifelter Kampf auf Leben und Tod.

"THE CAVERN ist ein spannender, fesselnder Abstieg in den unterirdischen Horror, mit einem unverbrauchten Setting und Charakteren, mit denen man mitfiebert. Ich war noch nie ein großer Fan von Höhlenwanderungen, aber nachdem ich dieses Buch gelesen habe, werde ich für den Rest meines Lebens an der Oberfläche und im Sonnenlicht bleiben." - Alan Baxter, Autor von DEVOURING DARK, und der ALEX-CAINE-Serie

The Cavern - Das Grauen aus der Tiefe

cryptid killers cover.png

When a man is slaughtered on the slopes of a new ski-resort, his violent death catches the attention of Agent Rylan of the Cryptid Investigation Unit.

Unbeknownst to staff and tourists, the resort’s built inside the territory of a savage beast, a predator with hundreds of years hunting experience.


Decorated soldier, Eoin Carter is new to Rylan’s team. Jaded and scarred from years of war, he will be introduced to an entirely different battle. As the creatures emerge from hibernation hungry and ready to feed, Rylan will divulge a secret, one that might turn the art of war on its head if leaked.


As the slopes run red with bloody carnage, Agents Rylan and Carter will be in a fight for their lives.

Cryptid Killers

empire of blood and sand with quote.jpg

Empire of Blood and Sand

In a brutal desert empire, Jael Crowfeeder survives as a Beast Hunter. Last of his kind and despised by society, he’s betrayed and thrown in prison just as a legion of man and monster storm the border. Forcibly conscripted, Jael will soon wet his sword in the front lines.

Standing against the invaders is General Larika, warrior princess and heir to the throne. As monsters of legend tear a bloody rent through her soldiers, a treasonous knife readies to strike.

Defeat is a breath away. The enemy have harnessed an ancient magic that turns the order of man and beast on its head, a magic created by Jael’s ancestors that only he might break.

Jael is torn. Larika may become a worthy Queen but can he fight for an empire that slaughtered his people?

"Tense, imaginative and bloody." - Devin Madson, award winning author of the REBORN EMPIRE series. 

City of Stone and Ruin cover.jpg

A wounded king. An empire at risk. A vengeful god awakened.

Weary and scarred from the Burdikesh hordes, Jael and Pyx join the assault on Ruan, a subterranean metropolis of religious fanatics. Subduing the rebels will be difficult. Buried beneath the freezing Northern Mountains, a maze of defences, fearsome warriors, and giant war-spiders await the beast hunter and his protégé. And for Pyx, childhood memories will rise, driving a need for revenge that risks her very life.

Above ground, the king lies in a spell-induced coma, mortally wounded. Even with her father poised to cross Death’s Bridge, Princess Larika’s ascension to the throne is far from guaranteed. The traitorous Lord Revarc threatens civil war, while the mage, Pollux, creates a weapon of terror that imperils the balance of man and nature.

But such problems will become trivial. For beneath the mountain, an arachnid god wakens. A god with a lust for blood and terror. A god who would see the empire burn.

City of Stone and Ruin



I am a Sydney based author, writing within the genres of horror, thriller and fantasy.


Outside of writing, I work as a Nurse Practitioner. Through working in Emergency, I’ve come in contact with humans at their best and worst. I’ve treated medical emergencies, and witnessed the beginning and end of life. In such environments, the usual facades are stripped away, and it is a privilege to work with people in what can be the most stressful time of their life. It’s also an environment that reinforces the fact life isn’t always fair.


I think these experiences are reflected in my novels. My characters have flaws and face challenges. There is evil, and unfortunately the worst is often found in other humans and what we do to each other. When I describe blood, gore and pain, or life and death situations — it comes from personal experience. I know how the crunch of a broken bone feels under hand, and what the pattern of blood looks like on the ground after it squirts from a severed artery. I’ve experienced the stress and self-doubt that must be overcome during a medical emergency, and also witnessed the grief and distress of family members confronted with the loss of a loved one.


These are unforgettable experiences that can’t help but leave a mark on my subconscious and writing.



For any media inquiries, please contact Alister Hodge

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For any media inquiries, please contact Alister Hodge

Follow me:

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